Upload it to centre stage! How to showcase your work

Promote and showcase your work to professionals who interest you the most, in just three steps:

1. Select the users you would like to promote your work to.

2. Select the work you would like to showcase to them.

3. Specify the formats (audio, video, image, document) that you would like to showcase in your promotion and type the message you would like to send.

Once these three steps have been completed, your promotion will remain on the recipients’ Centre Stages for 14 days. 

Centre Stage aims to bring together professionals and present pieces of work to other professionals you are interested in. If the user does not view the promotion sent to them within 14 days, you will be returned the Centre Stage credit used and be able to use that for another new promotion on Centre Stage. Only the promotions that have been uploaded and viewed by the recipient users will be used. 

Each promotion costs €0,20 (taxes not included) per user you would like to promote your work to.

You will be able to upload pieces of work onto the Centre Stages of other professionals, and you will also be able to receive promotions from professionals who are interested in you.

Start promoting and presenting your work on your Centre Stage, with an atractive and visual way.