Centre stage is a space located in the MY ACTIVITY section of every user’s Meetinarts, the aim of which is to allow every user to be able to benefit from the platform that they are a part of. This specialist and highly visible space is there to allow you to promote a specific piece of work, by presenting it directly to a user or a specific group of users.

Why use Centre Stage?

Centre Stage enables you to promote your work directly to professionals/companies you may be interested in, without needing to be connected to them.

Your promotion will reach its recipient directly, in a visual and prominent manner.

The promotion may contain an image, audio, videos and documents, such as musical scores, in order to provide the professionals you are targeting with comprehensive information.

Of course, you will have a space where you can draft the work you are showcasing with a proposal or professional suggestion that you would like to make.

You will be able to check at any time if the recipient has viewed your promotion.