It is strictly prohibited to:

1.    Facilitate false or erroneous information.

2.    Steal identities or create profiles assuming the identity of another individual. 

3.    Create or use the profile of a legal person without authorisation from his/her representative.

4.    Publish works, comments, actions or content relating to work which are

a) defamatory, false, abusive, injurious, obscene, irreverent, offensive, insulting, or of an expressly sexual, threatening, harassing, racist, sexist or discriminatory nature, or any other reasons, that are against morality, public order, basic rights, civil liberties, honour, privacy or the image of third parties, and, in general, the regulations in force, and/or illegal activities or infractions of third party rights,

b) which supply practical information on illegal activities or those indicated as above,

c) which contain personal information on third parties, which require consent from the owner of these rights.

5.   Act dishonestly or unprofessionally, deviating from Meetinarts’ objective.

6.    Harass, abuse or harm other users, including sending inappropriate communications or SPAM.

7.    Disseminate confidential, privileged or protected information.

8.    Infringe patents, brands, intellectual property rights or other property rights.

9.    Disseminate any kinds of computer virus, worms or other codes, files or IT programmes that limit the functionality of any piece of Meetinarts’ software or hardware or that of its users.

10.   Use or transfer any of Meetinarts’ data (including personal data) or use this data for any use other than that which is expressly authorised in Meetinarts’ Terms and Conditions of Use.